People play Dofus retro for Dofus retro

It's never impossible to do something when it comes to buy Dofus Kamas programming. It is only a matter of time dedication and money.

It's never impossible to do something when it comes to buy Dofus Kamas programming. It is only a matter of time dedication and money.That said, the things you asked for specifically will probably never come to Dofus retro. People play Dofus retro for Dofus retro. They are building a new variant of Dofus at a new engine, ideally to fix the memory leak problem that has stuck with Dofus eternally. And that variant would get balance changes and new content. However, I really don't have a supply. I have heard, just rumours.

Yeah well thats what I am trying to imagine in regards to introdure the content from Dofus 2.0 into Dofus retro. For me, making content at all need to go through design (so many RD), eventually stick to some choice, apply it, hotfix it and fix eventual bugs. If it comes to design, its basically done because the entire idea is already there. Thats where the problem is. If they made a new engine to animate the monsters or create new animation for charms, thats basically all they must make from scratch (-ish, because you can attempt to generate a simpler version of things exist already in term of cartoon ).

Osa and Sac duo that is great? Should I attempt another Duo? So I am an older school participant that's trying to get back to 2.0. After thinking a little I came to the conclusion which Osas and Sacs are kind of satisfied to be collectively given that ones enjoys abuse and another likes to crack a whip, at least from a lore and theory standpoint. My Osa right now is pure opportunity and the Sac is omni but this recent update has kind of turned my world upside down and now I want some other viewpoints since this is sort of a intricate ordeal and Dofus games community is largely french so I sort of feel alone on this planet.

The idea at the moment is for my Osa to become Int (to heal the sac and sustain) with maybe another element to clog the battlefield and for additional damage also giving the Sac things to play with. The Sac was to be Chance/Agi theoretically strengthening the keep in the Osa however I'm very open minded, so much so that the idea of scrapping the Osa and Sac all collectively seems nice to me.Osa is just one of my favourite classes but I frankly do not like this rework.

Getting the fights done quicker would be a nice added bonus. I have Been having a bit of trouble grinding and don't understand where to level or how to dofus kamas ilyzaelle approach this dilema. Any ideas would be very appreciated.