And I will lose many of these games no matter getting three enforcers and a extremely run stop heavy defense that never

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Therefore you are saying require the cards that are broken and make them op. That is what leads to imbalance and lack of variety in the game. Okay lol, that is exactly what that says. Tier cards are not broken or OP, they are top tier cards for Mut 21 coins a reason. Every card plays exactly the same. There is no reason to use a John Ross or Tyreek Hill if 99 rate can be got by any card. There is no variety. The tier cards are still used by people. The only people that don't would be the theme teamers. And there is no variety in any card performs. All thanks to PU's making stats meaningless.

My ed hold a candle to donald without the skills. Vick still out conducts every defender. Hill mosses me more than moss with moss active. My match must be broke. Need to buy bundles to create a 99 play just like a 99 I guess. You are using your own personal experience as evidence once it seems that is not true for many others. Just because you feel your cards don't perform as great does not necessarily mean that's the reality. Also: how is Hill? Falling away cartoons.

Yesterday evening I dropped into a man who had an crime dedicated to triple RPOs and lateral hefty runs along with my defense left 11 pairs of ankles on the area because this guy had an RPO for every single defense I threw it at him. It was fucking amazing! I got absolutely ruined. I genuinely liked the pounding because I had been so curious about how best to prevent it and that I loved running into a new offense that is not just three plays. It had been after this game. I just fucking hate losing to the exact same HB stretch QB burst WR Wildcat offense I know is coming over and over.

And I will lose many of these games no matter getting three enforcers and a extremely run stop heavy defense that never leaves 3-4 off or 3-4 bear. The beginning of the year is indeed enjoyable, everyone has dogshit teams and has no clue what to do and cheap Madden 21 coins its a race to acquire decent players and test different plays/playbooks/schemes etc.. Everyone is running different fashion teams and schemes and every game feels like a new adventure. Even solos are not lame since the game is fresh and new.