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I looked in my stock and recall having my entire rune, diamond amny, gloomy staff, (to match my blue phat) green cape, gloves and boots. But I was like where are my blue pink and green phats?? . So I was wondering, is there something I need to do so as to OSRS gold get all my things back? He had been prohibited prior to rs2 came out, therefore his things had to of been moved to rs2 as it did come out. Because I've gotten other accounts unbanned for rs2 which were prohibited in rsc, and they still had there sprays and materials. But he had all the nooby stuff. I know he was not hacked because the ip was exactly the same as I last logged before I got prohibited. Please stop saying he was hacked, he wasn't. ." On the intro screen and it said the same ip because it always does. Along with I last logged in 1300 weeks past. Which clearly was when I got prohibited. So being hacked is not a possibility.

I'm 97 Combat, and I'm going to get 99 Defense. I currently have 83, but I do not know where to train. 77 Strike, 76 Strength, 83 Defense. Armor -: Helm of Neitiznot, Legend's Cape, Amulet of Glory, Rune Platebody/Fighter Torso, Rune Platelegs/Dragon Platelegs. Abyssal Whip. Dragon Gloves. Growing Boots/Ring of Wealth (irrelevant) The stats add up to: Strike Bonus, Stab: 19, Slash: 101, Crush: 19, Magic: -42, Range: 0.

Other Bonuses, Power: +102 (Generally a maximum hit of 22-23) Prayer: 6. A few of the places I think are good training areas... Yaks (level-22) Benefits: 50HP and usually easy to kill. Disadvantage: Another dull day in Neitiznot. Flesh Crawlers(level-35). Benefits: Easy to kill, good Rune drops and an occasional Essential Half. Disadvantage: Sometimes crowded, hard to bank with a complete inventory. Benefits: Points = XP. Disadvantage: 2xp per damage done, reduction is a waste of time. Slayer Master: Vannakka or Turael. Advantage: Good XP for slayer and battle. Disadvantage: Some jobs are dumb (20 cows???) Or hard (200 iron paintings???) . I am simply not sure which one to Cheap RS gold visit... select one from the aforementioned or create your own suggestion!