NBA 2K21 MyTeam will bring progress and value to the next generation of consoles

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The advancement of the NBA 2K21 MyTeam player is carried over to all generations of the same family of consoles. The game’s executive producer confirmed today. If they sign a player into the same online Xbox Live or PlayStation account when switching consoles, it fully meets the requirements of NBA 2K21 MT players. Eric Benish of Visual Concepts said in a blog post on Friday morning that any gamer can play any version of the console they want. We will announce details for PS5 and Xbox Series X versions at a later date.

It’s a very popular model for microtransactions and packs of cards like loot boxes. MyTeam’s progress will not continue until the alternate version of the game. While the standard version of NBA 2K21 won’t be upgraded to the new console for free, those who pre-ordered the Mamba Forever Special Edition for $99.99 will receive a code that will allow them to download the next generation of the game directly.

Another all-round change that NBA 2K21 MyTeam is about to make will be to switch to a quarterly mode of providing content. It is worth mentioning that it does not provide any rewards to players, so no matter what reward the player pursues, it cannot purchase in a battle pass-like mode.

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