It would be great if we could just have distinct flower baskets

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Could we get Animal Crossing Items some detail pictures? I'd love to see how they are made.It seems like it required a week, once you consider it you think it requires a year, but then you realise it's only a month..Oh my goodness, these are seriously amazing! I am extremely impressed.I was trying to work out if they were a painting or real wreaths haha. It looks surreal

Wow! So trendy!! I can not wait to find out what else you come up with! These are amazing, you should do full sized ones next, I'd like you for my front door!! That is amazing! Fantastic job!

It would be great if we could just have distinct flower baskets which could be customed the way pumpkin DIYs were customized with the various sorts of pumpkins.So for example, a trellis that could swap out the blossoms by using up those very same flowers. Ugh, nintendo, just employ me already...

They are beautiful. So detailed. I can't claim to feel that the amount of work you've put into the positioning of each carefully crafted petal, but I could see that it was a job of love.Such a fantastic thought. You obviously have knowledge of how to work this craft. I sincerely hope you're pleased with your work.I understand video games come and go but that really is a few genuinely good work and I hope it keeps a close place in your heart.

That is my first time animal crossing new horizons items actually undergoing the Forbidden Snack phenomenon. I want to put these in my mouth lol