In case you've got an Enhanced Excalibur in the Hard Seers Diary

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In case you've got an Enhanced Excalibur in the Hard Seers Diary

If there's absolutely no one in RS gold Burstinglobs looking for a solo mage, simply ask if anybody is hybridding/tribridding and can allow you to hop worlds out of theirs, easier than having to kill Supreme/Prime to start your journey. Bring a tortoise and be certain to have a brew:restore ratio of 3:1. If you can, bring 2 fruit bat pouches and scrolls for when your tortoise dies, fruit autumn is only good for soloing Rex, then it is not really efficient in case you are hybridding/tribridding.

If you can't get a fruit bat, then bunyip will need to do though that will limit your excursion as it can only heal 80LP/minute. If you find your excursions are too short with a tortoise/bunyip, you may have to bring Guthans in lieu of Veracs and nutritional supplement your Bunyip's recovery by attacking Spinolyps.

In case you've got an Enhanced Excalibur in the Hard Seers Diary, then it's also excellent to use there as the distinctive attack has the capacity to cure 200LP every 5 minutes, and also raises defence. Once your tortoise is vacant you will want to dismiss it and bring out the fruit bat. Make sure you have cleanses and cleanses left on your inventory for emergency recovery i.e. do not summon your own fruit bat when you are completely from brews, as in the event that you mislure Rex then it may get ugly. Don't overlook a one-click teleport for emergencies.

I have about... 241k of walnut longs in my bank that could double in price if alched: but.... Another (something such as... 3k alchs? This was painful. I'd be tempted to autoclick if that was not stupid.) I, however, can make money from slayer, because I have great equipment at the moment. I had 1.5m at the present time and I certainly never thought about earning too much money; therefore, that attracts me into slayer, I figure. 241k maple longs that are cheap OSRS gold asking to become alched. Slayer is excellent money if done effectively. Utilize this, and eventually become one with your cash pile.