I tryed the choclate bar thing and the granite thing

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I tryed the choclate bar thing and the granite thing

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I tryed the choclate bar thing and the granite thing and they weren't very good. I kill gloomy drags at heros guild and that I will find a whole invy. I tryed black drags and that I murdered 5. Any idea how I could make money? Also where is the best spot to kill any kind of drags? I enjoy killing green and blue but I always get pk'ed at green drags. Any good places to kill them? Also, perhaps I can kill them in the location because dungeon for the hero's pursuit (Not the guild I kill them the place where you fish that the eel's.) And where is the best spot to kill reds? I believe the hides will be just like the bones so that can go very quick.

It'll not be easy for anybody to give you good information with no stats. From what I hear though: Greens - Wear inexpensive gear, kill them at level 13 wilderness ~south-west of Edgeville if you need to (just try and find an empty universe ), bring a teletab. Blue - There is always competition from the Taverly dungeon now (the one you're talking about fishing the eels from). However the resource dungeon in there's ~5-6 Blue Dragon spawns and isn't very crowded. I personally kill blue dragons here, but it will require at least 60 dungeoneering.

Red - They are from the Brimhaven dungeon or Red Dragon Isle in the deep wilderness. Both are very far away from banks, and are not worth it. Blacks - Without your stats, and since you said you could just kill 5, I wouldn't counsel you killing these either. Please update the original post with your complete stats the next time to check up with this thread. Thanks!

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